Jacks Restaurant – Electric Foodservice Council


“I have been in the food service industry for over 40 years working with both gas and electric equipment. I have to say one of the best things we have done at Jacks in the past 15 years is going to total electric with our cooking equipment.” – Taylor Kitchens, Director of Operational Services, Jacks Family Restaurants

Taylor also raved about the benefits of electric cooking:

“Our kitchens are much cooler due to less heat loss from electric compared to gas. We all know cooler kitchens mean happier employees.”

The kitchen equipment also provided tangible benefits to Jacks with the benefits of electric fryers being of particular note:

  • Fewer working parts, which lowers our repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduced or eliminated instances of cracked pots
  • Much easier cleaning due to reduced carbonization on the inside of the vat
  • The heating element is directly in the oil in electric fryers, allowing faster initial heating times and quicker recovery between product cooks (critical during a rush)
  • Lower purchasing costs compared to gas

Additionally, electric griddles have provided operational benefits including:

  • Less hot spots due to burner inconsistencies
  • Less expensive to maintain
  • Easier to clean
  • No pilot which can go out based on the air balance of the restaurant.

Overall, Jacks is extremely happy with the decision to use electric cooking equipment in all aspects of their kitchen.