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Amici wouldn’t slice it any other way

Founded in 1993 and located in Atlanta, Ga., Amici tested electric equipment with their products and recipes at Georgia Power’s Customer Resource Center in 2019 to discover that electric had faster cook recovery times, made cleaning easier and much more.

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Want to see the benefits of electric for yourself?

Several utility partner members of the Electric Foodservice Council have test kitchens where interested customers can explore the benefits of utilizing electric power in a commercial kitchen setting. Test kitchens allow owners of restaurants, commercial kitchen operations, school districts and other food preparation clients to see the practical benefits and cost-savings associated with utilizing electric food preparation equipment in a large-scale setting.

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Latest Case Studies


Learn how Popeyes franchisee Mike Cothrane saved money and energy while continuously delivering an excellent guest experience.

Cobb County Schools

An innovative partnership between Cobb County Schools, equipment manufacturer Crescor and Georgia Power led to the replacement of fryers with a new, high-tech energy-efficient solution that delivered on student satisfaction.

Panda Express

Panda Express Chinese Kitchen, an international fast-casual restaurant chain, presents hot prepared food on a visually appealing display line in holding wells designed to keep food at a safe temperature until serving.