Giles – Electric Foodservice Council

Company History

In 1988 Giles engineered, fabricated & patented a revolutionary Ductless Recirculating Ventilation Technology, this leading-edge product is approved for Electric Fryers & Ovens and Griddles and other appliances. As our customers grew so did the innovations, Prompting the Development of Large-capacity electric Banked Fryer Batteries and Heated Food Merchandiser display cases used by national chains in their deli operations. Giles custom Computer Controller, Food Prep Equipment and more sold worldwide.

Company Focus

Giles remains a privately held family-owned business who recognizes the benefits of electrification. We support the work of EPRI to improve the knowledge of retail foodservice operations to the benefit of using electric cooking appliances. Giles continues to exceed customer expectations for performance, reliability, profitability and Service.


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