Lincoln – Electric Foodservice Council

Company History

Lincoln’s roots go back to 1901 when the US Aluminum cooking was established to manufacture aluminum cooking utensils. The company became the WEAR-EVER company in 1925, a household home for more than 4 generations before expanding to become Lincoln, producing stainless steel equipment for the foodservice industry. With an exclusive patent to make Impingement ovens starting in 1982, the company quickly grew internationally and now sells ovens in more than 80 countries on 6 continents.

Company Focus

Aperion, which derives from the Greek work “apeiron”, meaning “boundless” or “unlimited” is a perfect description of Lincoln’s revolutionary new impinger® conveyor oven. Totally new, the Aperion is the first Lincoln oven to have independent top and bottom adjustable air flow which eliminates the need for unique finger configurations. Simply adjust the bottom and top air flow settings, and the oven responds immediately to optimize the culinary characteristics of any menu item! The Aperion’s ECO mode provides up to 30% energy savings when the oven isn’t cooking while keeping the oven instantly ready to resume the cooking process. The Aperion’s triple catalysts* reduce grease emissions allowing the oven to operate without a ventilation hood. *Ventless models only.


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