MPM – Electric Foodservice Council

Company History

Due to the exceptional quality and efficiency of PizzaMaster ovens, growth trajectory since inception in 1992 has been remarkable. Today, boasting a team of over 100 sales representatives, we uphold our reputation for outstanding customer support and competitive pricing, specializing in serving the food service industry, supermarkets, and independent operators. Beyond the business aspect, our team functions as a synchronized family, bound by a shared commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for PizzaMaster ovens. With a collective mission to empower pizzaiolos and culinary enthusiasts alike, we cultivate an environment conducive to skill and expertise. Notably, PizzaMaster USA is a preferred electric deck oven and proud partner of the World Pizza Champions.

Company Focus

OUR MANTRA: "Empowering pizzerias, restaurants, and Retail Supermarkets with premium electric deck ovens, we envision a world where we establish a new benchmark for culinary efficiency."


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